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Floral Websites

What We Do

Emerald City has created one of the most sophisticated and capable websites available in the floral industry.

OWN your market

Add a competitive advantage by owning exclusive rights in your market.

A license to use the site EXCLUSIVELY in your market can be purchased for a very affordable price. Have ideas for how to improve or customize the site to meet your needs? We're all ears.


Changing the Game

If you are using one of those template websites, similar to thousands of other small flower shops around the country, you really need to consider stepping up your game. The Emerald City platform is designed to take your floral design business to the next level.

Our platform has a proven track record of delivering eye popping performance results. The award winning flower shops who are using our platform are enjoying transformational success. See some of our Success Stories

Are you ready to take your flower shop to the next level? If so, we encourage you to give us a call at 614-537-8110 and let us provide more information about what it takes to secure a license to utilize this platform.

Packed With Great Features

The Emerald City floral website is loaded with great features. Each feature was specifically designed to help flower shop operators improve performance results for their business. Want to go from a good shop to a great shop? This site is one of the key driving forces behind the success of several florists around the country.

Website Technology

Robust Content Management System (CMS)

Built with modern PHP code

Fully mobile responsive site design

Point of Sale (POS) connectivity

Integration with email marketing

Multiple payment options

Product feeds & structured data

...and so much more
(we can't give away all of our secrets)

Operational Advantages

Enhanced reporting

Flexible product layout options

Employee work schedule management system

Coupon and promotion support tools

Effectively manage online product pricing

Express delivery matrix

Manage multi-shop operational performance

Control holiday delivery restricted dates

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