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Emerald City Websites

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Emerald City Websites

Take your floral business to the next level.

If you are using one of those template websites, similar to thousands of other small flower shops around the country, you need to consider stepping up your game. Our sites can help you with multiple facets of your business, not just online sales.

Floral Websites

Life Changing Results

Flower shops who have deployed on our platform are experiencing transformational success! But don’t just take our word for it - read more about our success stories!

Success Stories

Affordable Site Licensing

We are currently offering licenses to flower shop owners who want to utilize our website platform. We encourage you to give us a call and find out just how affordable licensing can be!

Licensing Fees

OWN Your Market

If you are operating on the same cookie cutter mass produced florist platform as everyone else in your market, it is almost impossible to break away from the pack. Emerald City Websites offers market exclusivity so you can have a true competitive advantage in your market(s).

Want an advantage?

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Steve Ozment

Steve Ozment

Florist and co-owner of Emerald City Websites

Built by a Florist for Florists

Every detail we have added to the site has been tweaked, modified and tweaked again to meet our needs as florists. During the sites' journey, over the span of almost two decades, we have painstakingly and slowly added feature after feature to create the ultimate floral weapon. We have proven we can compete against the highest profile website designers in the country, as well as the national brands - and win. We have done it across multiple markets from New York to the state of Washington.  

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