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Rockcastle Flower Shop  (Rochester NY)

Online Revenue Up 56.91% | Online Transactions Up 42.57%

Rockcastle Florist is owned and operated by Keith and Wendy Rockcastle. They were the first flower shop, other than our family owned Flowerama shops, to opt in to using the Emerald City website platform. The Rockcastle’s had been using a major wire service website platform. They were doing some marketing on the own and using a local marketing firm to do other things for them. In April of 2017, they hired Flyline Search Marketing and opted to purchase a license to use the Emerald City Website.

The Ozment’s and Emerald City did not just create a top notch highly competitive floral website. They created a floral tool that was designed and built to make the entire business more profitable. Every update and improvement that was added to the website was designed to either help the Rockcastle’s run their floral business or to elevate their competitive advantage over online order gatherers.

To get the most out of a website it takes a great team. Building the best floral website in the country takes a great programming team. We have that with M2. It also requires that we connect with florists who are engaged and interested in growing their business. Rockcastle is obviously a great florist.  Next we need to bring in Flyline Search Marketing. They are a Google Partner and one of the very best digital marketing agencies in the United States. They specialize in flower shops and are strategically partnered with Emerald City. Flyline creates the content for each new Emerald City website. They know how to precisely dial in an Emerald City site. In every Emerald City Website deployment, the florist involved is asked to enter into a contractual agreement with Flyline Search Marketing. That is the best way to achieve maximum success and impact from the new website.

The results of great programming, connecting with an engaged florist, using a great marketing partner and working with the world class team at Emerald City are unmistakeable. In fact, the results are likely going to be transformational! Take a look at the results shown below. Feel free to reach out to Flyline Search Marketing, or Rockcastle Florist, to hear from the folks who are directly managing and using the platform.


How Do These Numbers Compare To What You Are Generating?

Time Period Studied

April 1, 2017 thru February 27, 2018

Web Traffic is up 23.67%

Online Revenue is up 56.91%

Online Transactions are up 42.57%

Average value per sale is up 10.06%

Ecommerce conversion rates have improved by 15.28%

2018 Valentine’s Day Campaign

February 1, 2018 thru February 14, 2018

Online transactions were up 188.49%

Online revenue was up 210.58%



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