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Mayfield Flower Shop (Tucson AZ)

Online Revenue Up 79.12% | Online Sales Transactions Up 24.89%

Mayfield Florist is owned and operated by the Coleman family. They were the second florist who purchased a license to use the Emerald City website platform. Mayfield florist had previously been using a Media 99 website platform. They were doing some marketing on their own and had also been using Media 99 to assist with some aspects of their marketing program.

The Coleman’s have known the owners of Emerald City Websites (who also own 4 flower shops in Columbus Ohio) for more than a decade. The two flower shop owners are in the same floral networking group. The flower shop owners meet at least twice a year with other flower shop owners to share ideas and numbers. One of the areas that is often discussed in the joint meetings is websites. The Coleman’s got first-hand knowledge of how well the Emerald City Websites performed in the real world and soon realized that those adopting it were out-performing their Media 99 backed website.

Mayfield florist signed on with Emerald City to build a website to deploy in the Tucson market. They also teamed up with Flyline Search Marketing to deploy arguably the floral industry’s most effective marketing program. Flyline Search Marketing handle content development and optimization of the new Mayfield Florist website. They tuned the new website with laser focus and the results shown below are a testament to the effectiveness of the marketing efforts and website platform.

In today’s world, you need both a great marketing company and a great independent website to effectively compete for market share. There are lots of local competitors, using alternative websites and marketing strategies. Then you have competition being driven by the national order gatherers to deal with as well. Equipped with the floral industries most effective website platform, and one of the top digital marketing firms in the country, the numbers tell the tale. The Emerald City website and Flyline marketing program have absolutely crushed the results generated by Media 99. Feel free to reach out to Mayfield Florist or to Flyline Search Marketing to verify these transformational results.


How Do These Numbers Compare To What You Are Generating?

Time Period Studied

May 1, 2017 thru February 27, 2018

Online Revenue is up 79.12%

Online Transactions are up 24.89%

Average value per sale is up 9.22%

Ecommerce conversion rates have improved by 25.40%

2018 Valentine’s Day Campaign

February 1, 2018 thru February 14, 2018

Online transactions were up 182.36%

Online revenue was up 197.48%



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