Flowerama Columbus (Columbus OH)

We Are Enjoying Transformational Growth In Our Online Sales & Revenue

2013 ($323,000) | 2014 ($460,000) | 2015 ($622,000) | 2016 ($706,000) | 2017 ($849,000)

The Ozment family launched Emerald City Websites in 2014. Like most overnight success stories, it was a decade in the making. Years of trial and error went into the creation of what is deployed today. Countless hours of programing and reprogramming, testing, retesting and beta testing were all part of the process. The only goal was to get better and better and to compete with the best online floral retailers in the industry. The site was constructed from the ground up to be used for a retail flower shop. It was never intended to be repurposed to sell shoes or insurance or any other online business. In fact, the site was originally intended to be deployed solely in the Columbus market.

The owner of Flyline Search Marketing often refers to his marketing program and the Emerald City Website as a “Tactical Weapon”, stating that they compete and win in every market they are deployed. Flyline Search Marketing would know better than anyone how well an Emerald City Website stacks up against its competition. They handle digital marketing for some of the nation’s top performing independent floral shops. Their team has experience with all the top end floral websites available to flower shops, in the country.

As owners of our own flower shops, and one of the very best floral websites in the U.S., we believe that it takes four distinct tools to make a website and a digital marketing program truly successful.

1) An experienced tested visionary that knows what a florist needs and can communicate future changes to the platform to stay on top of trends in the industry. We are that, we are Emerald City Websites.

2) A top-notch state of the art cutting edge relentless programmer who loves to compete and win. We have that in our partner programmer, M/2 Web Design.

3) A top-notch state of the art cutting edge marketing partner that grinds hourly, daily and weekly over analytics and google algorithms to ensure the changes that are deployed work. We have that in our strategic partner, Flyline Search Marketing.

4) A really good flower shop owner. An owner that knows how to manage a floral shop in the summer and has the ability to scale up and meet demand at the holidays. These are the best of the best and there are usually only two or three shop owners like this in every major market. Emerald City chooses only one from any given market.

When you deploy all four these tools together, results like you see below are what happen. They not only happen they are expected to happen.


How Do These Numbers Compare To What You Are Generating?

2014 Online Results

Web Traffic is up 27.62%

Online Revenue is up 85.22%

Online Transactions are up 88.56%

Conversion rate up 47.75%

2015 Online Results

Web Traffic is up 28.12%

Online Revenue is up 100.61%

Online Transactions are up 11.62%

Average Order Value up 79.73%

2016 Online Results

Web Traffic up 6.93%

Online Revenue up 26.36%

Online Transactions up 16.64%

Conversion rate up 9.09%

2017 Online Results

Web Traffic up 2.21%

Online Revenue up 41.17%

Online Transactions up 20.76%

Conversion rate up 18.15%


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