Woman standing outside floristEmerald City Website License

Affordable License Fees | Transformational Change For Flower Shops

We are currently offering licenses to flower shop owners who want to utilize our Emerald City website platform. Flower shops who have deployed on our platform are experiencing life changing results. Don’t take our word for it, contact Rockcastle Florist, Mayfield Florist or Williams Flower. Ask the owners of those firms what they think. We are confident they will confirm that our platform, in conjunction with the comprehensive marketing program that Flyline Search Marketing, is delivering transformation results for their firms.

Many of the shop owners who have already opted to join our group are firms who utilize out of date, template based sites. These sites are limiting their growth opportunities. Most come with per transaction fees that leave the shop owner at a disadvantage. Our platform does not require any per transaction fees. In fact, most of the shops who have already converted have been able to quickly recoup the expense of their license fee, by eliminating per transaction fees and utilizing our express delivery functionality. All of the shops in our group are enjoying a steady, self generated lead stream, which has allowed them to reduce their dependence on wire-in orders. Think about this. Our clients are experiencing rapid growth, at a time in when many flower shops in our industry are experiencing flat and even negative growth.


Each license we award comes with a protected service area. Our customers enjoy the exclusive use of our platform in their local delivery area. The exact diameter of the protected zone will be determined at the time you sign your license agreement. Using your actual brick and mortar locations, we will authorize a protected zone for your firm. No other licensee will be allowed to operate or market within that protected area.

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