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Emerald City Websites

Website Hosting Program | Site Maintenance | Future Enhancements

Site licenses from Emerald City require that your website be hosted on our servers. We offer a world class hosting solution. Our hosting services are affordable and effective. We guarantee 99.9% up-time for all the sites we host. Emerald City sites deliver excellent performance. The platform is secure and PCI compliant.

Technology Partner (M2 Web Development)

When problems arise, our technology team is their to quickly resolve the problem. The Emerald City technology support team handles all site maintenance. Each site is constantly being monitored to ensure they are operating properly. We use a multi-layered security approach with our site to protect against unauthorized access.

Software Updates & Enhanced Functionality

We are constantly working on new functionality for our platform. This requires periodic software version updates. Those software updates are handled by our technology group. While not required by contract, it is not unusual at all for Emerald City to offer many of the new tools and functionality we create to our licensees, free of charge.

Email Support

Clients who utilize our platform have several options for email. We will help you set up webmail accounts, powered through our host platform, or you can choose to power your email via a platform. such as gmail. If you choose gmail, our tech support team will create the appropriate DNS record updates via the cpanel to ensure your gmail accounts function correctly. Webmail is simple, effective and affordable. It is basic email and doesn’t provide all the bells and whistles available from platforms like gmail. We have clients using both options and all seem satisfied with their choice of email platform.