Emerald City Floral Websites

A True David versus Goliath Story

Modern digital computer screenLet us introduce ourselves. We are Emerald City Websites. Our firm has designed and built the floral industries best website. Our site is unique. It comes from the mind of a florist, and was built by some of the brightest minds in the web design industry. We specifically designed the site with idea that David could in fact compete with Goliath.

Emerald City is wholly owned and operated by the Ozment family. The Ozments own and operate four floral design centers in the Columbus Ohio area. They consider themselves to be a real David versus Goliath story. They have developed a website that has truly changed their business and their lives. Now they are trying to share that site with others in the industry, in an effort to do the same for other flower shop owners.

Folks, this is not just another website…It is a tactical business weapon. This platform can help you take your floral business to the next level. It seems appropriate to say that not every flower shop is a good fit with our platform. If you believe that David can truly compete and even beat Goliath, then you might be the exact type of shop owner we are looking to work with. We are seeking flower shop owners who have a desire to compete. If you want to achieve a dominant market share in your area, you might be a great fit for this web platform.

flower-site-licenseWe are looking to connect with one great owner in every major city. Our hope is to identify business operators who want to compete and are ready to elevate their business. Maybe it’s you, maybe its not. If your not willing to take on Goliath than it is not you.

Our site is not turnkey. We have a great platform, but our site takes work and commitment on your part. We will do everything we can to help you find success. Our site will give you the tool necessary to compete and win. We will expect you to commit to a robust marketing program. Our firm has partnered with one of the floral industry’s leading marketing firms. Talk about relentless. These guys never sleep and they never rest on their laurels. That made them a perfect fit with our team. We can certainly connect you with them, in the event you want to deploy our site.

How did we get to where we are now? We were told no… NO…you can’t do that. We called BS on that and we hope you think the same way. We turned that word “No” into fuel and the Emerald City Floral Site is the end result. Another thing that makes us unique and different is that we have never stopped evolving our floral platform. It gets stronger and more capable with every passing day. Flower Shop owners who work with us quickly come to realize that we never rest and are never satisfied. We are relentless in our desire to create industry leading technology. Sound like a platform you might be interested in?